A Letter From a Yankees Fan to Fans of Any Other Team.

Dear Fans of Any Other Baseball Team but the Yankees,

Oh to have been born in Milwaukee. Or Kansas City. Or even Boston. Anywhere but New York. Then I might not have been handed down this curse of being a fan of the New York Yankees.

Last night marked another year of disappointment. After winning the World Series last year, the Yankees were given the simple task of repeating, despite a slight decline in pitching this year. And much to our dismay, we only made it to Game 6 of the American League Championship Series. Failure. Utter failure.

Sometimes I wish I could change teams, but being a New Yorker, I’m afraid I have no other option in the Major Leagues.

I know most of you out there feel the same way, as the Yankees are “America’s team” and most people love the Yankees first, their hometown team second, but it’s especially hard for those of us in New York City. Year after year we struggle to win, to beat the big guys like Tampa Bay and Toronto, not to mention Babe Ruth’s team, the Red Sox of Boston. Year after year we make the best of our Bad News Bear roster and hope to make the playoffs. Following this uphill climb to the top is painful work for a fan, let me tell you.

It’s also tough being a Yankees fan because unlike every other team in baseball, we buy our players. I wish I had been born near Detroit, for instance, where they find young baseball enthusiasts, be they foster children or impoverished foreigners, and raise them as their own children, developing their skills as a player and a person through their farm system until they are ready for the majors. The Yankees, unfortunately, go through the less-popular “offering money to players” method of staffing. It makes us look bad, but there’s nothing we, as fans, can do about it.

So another year goes by for the Yankees, another disappointing complete failure. America mourns the loss of the Yankees squad this year, in particular America’s number one athlete, Alex Rodriguez, the new “Joe D” of today’s Major League Baseball. So straight from a real New Yorker to the rest of the country lucky enough to have a quality ball team near you, I sing with you the words of Paul Simon, adapted for today’s world. “Where have you gone, Alex Rodriguez? The nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo, woo, woo.”

Enviously Yours,

A Yankees Fan


~ by mickeyfick on November 18, 2010.

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